For the Very Best of Many 

Ramesh often concludes personal letters to ministry friends with this purpose-filled slogan. What does he mean by it? 

The very best of many suggests a distinctly Christian interpretation of reality—for people, for the present, and into the future. Indeed, we want the very best for people, facing life in a broken and sinful world, and into an eternity with God

How may many receive God’s gift of life now? The very best forever? 

Watch this short 2m35s message from Ramesh.  

Over the next three months, from September to November, the proclamation of God’s Word will be amplified and multiplied for the very best of many everywhere. RREACH is experienced at scaling projects up or down based on what God provides. Should you wish to contribute to this global, personal, and eternal cause, here are the “next steps” in current projects. 

Media Outreach:

Seizing an opportunity to illuminate the darkness of a global crisis and instability, Dr. Richard’s pre-evangelistic content has been dispersed to plant “gospel seeds” in a demographic of young, English-speaking social media users. Addressing issues of uncertainty and loss, media campaigns are spreading across South and Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Oceania and Africa with dedicated follow-up with online counselors in the most strategic areas.  

Your financial partnership assists RREACH in developing new content. A series on “relationships”—the #1 request by pre-Christ audiences—is currently under development. We will creatively produce, widely distribute, and personally follow up with those who respond. Will you help us sow to reap a harvest of souls for God? 

September-November proposed expenses: $96,000

Intentional Life Trilogy: 

The Intentional Life trilogy takes learners on a life-renovation adventure.  Soul Passion (Book 1), Soul Mission (Book 2) and Soul Vision (Book 3) challenge readers to be driven with godly passion, guided by a godly mission, toward a godly vision. An Intentional Life can is possible under God! 

RREACH teams are working on releasing the trilogy in e-book form in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin. Your financial partnership advances personal and group leadership development worldwide.   

September-November proposed expenses: $3,000 


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, RREACH shifted its training efforts to an online format and found a ready audience. Since then, ten online PREACHERREACH academies have been facilitated, equipping 540 participants from more than ten countries in four languages with Dr. Richard’s sermon preparation method. Additionally, RREACH has sought to connect with lay leaders online through LEADERREACH, Dr. Richard’s Intentional Life Series. 

RREACH teams are working on further use of these unique courses by English-speaking audiences around the world. Your financial partnership distributes courses and facilitates learning through technology and by deploying course mentors who encourage students in their work by checking assignments and answering questions.  

September-November proposed expenses: $14,750


The Dallas Global Proclamation Academy is a three-week intensive institute designed to connect, unite and strengthen 25 young pastoral leaders from 25 countries, primarily in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

From 2005-2019, the Dallas GProAcademy was held on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary each June. It featured world-renowned Master Coaches, primarily presidents and deans of evangelical seminaries, who trained delegates in biblical spirituality, theological discernment and expository preaching.

RREACH seeks God’s wisdom and blessing on the re-launch of the Dallas GProAcademy as early as June 2023 after pausing this international training program for the past three years for pandemic-related reasons. Our biggest challenge? Procuring visas into the United States for 25 select pastoral leaders, even though we have a 100% return rate. 

Your financial partnership in the Dallas GProAcademy supports the selection and admissions process, the development of programs and resources, the provision of food and lodging, as well as half of the airfare for participants. (Each participant commits to paying half their airfare with RREACH covering the rest). On September 22, North Texas Giving Day, we hope friends will partner toward this flagship program, which happens right here in Dallas. EARLY GIVING IS NOW OPEN. Click here to schedule your gift before, on, and around North Texas Giving Day (Sept. 22).

September-November proposed expenses: $75,000 of the $225,000 total budget.